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Children of the sun

If conversation turned about Abyssinians, the Sun very often intuitively is remembered.Gods of the Sun from legends and myths of ancient Egypt; sunlight in which beams these cats so like to be heated; heat of the sun which was as though incorporated by their fur coat. The impression is made that the sun has put the solar signature and on their appearance, and on their character. You can imagine to yourselves breed more merry and cheerful, than Abyssinians?

Small kittens are very similar to clowns in circus, as peas scattered on all house. Enthusiastic and inspired jump on a curtain, full customs inspection of your bag, in a flash - a thorough disorder on your desktop. And afte all it innocent expression of their muzzles so submits you that you with a light heart accept a dreadful disorder as norm.

Adult animals, however, force people to look at them with faithfully. Though they are the taken place persons, they by no means not haughty cats. They are cheerful and playful, but, at the same time, are silent and aren't importunate. At them soft voices. One of their main features - their affable grace. All cats intellectuals, but Abyssinians will give odds to many colleagues. They win on all parameters! Their intellect sometimes simply frightens. However their improbable sensitivity and the reflected sympathy much more amazes. Loyal friends, they are also good companions on life. That circumstance that usually they are considered as "cats for gentlemen", speaks more about social division of sex in a society, than directly about Abyssinian cats. Abyssinians love freedom, as any other breed. They can't transfer, that them locked in a resock or a cage. And, in addition to everything, they can't simply exist without daily human dialogue. They start be sad, grieve and simply die.

However when him allow to live full members of a family, - demonstration of their love knows no limit. Then they gently purr (and their purring is more notable because of air fluctuations, than a souad). Then they and kiss, and stroked you a front legs, and embrace for a neck, and touchingly look to you in eyes. Then they tickle you the whiskers and gently rub about your ear. Then these children of the Sun as though speak to you: "Love me and be happy!"


Fragment from article Betti White "REFINEMENT and the show cat", devoted to Abyssinian cats.

If to try to describe the one and only word the outstanding Abyssinian it would be a word regal. It is very important that this word even is present at the standard of an Abyssinian cat! For a cat of this breed it is required not only ideal equation of all articles and temperament, but also the characteristic pride bearing riveting our attention. Abyssinians look is more tremendous self-confident and, like the ruling monarch, always are able to keep control of a situation. They - a perfection embodiment.


The excellent type of the Abyssinian (with respiratory standstill from delight) isn't perceived in any way, if color mediocre, and wool - average quality.

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