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If you read these lines, you or already have an Abyssinian cat, or is possibly fast, join the ranks of those, who, once having seen it amazingly the beautiful animal, couldn't refuse to itself pleasure to see him at itself in the house every day! Even those who thinks that doesn't love cats, can't resist charms of Abyssinian beauties!

Cat with the intensive uniform color shining on the sun by golden shine, differing a royal bearing and the special grace inherent only in this breed. "Pencil" by a dark contour expressive attentive eyes, the large ears put so as if the cat attentively listens, and unusual color, give a kind of the Abyssinian unique charm of a "wild" puma. And thus having unique temperament: inexhaustible vital energy, independence and fidelity, she surprises and admires simultaneously! It is difficult not to fall in love with such miracle with first sight!

Just combination of wild grace, incredibly beautiful, unique color and gentle, devoted character also have created a surprising image of an Abyssinian cat.

Believe, resist from desire to have the Abyssinian it is almost impossible!
Once and we couldn't be resist, and in our house there was a first Abyssinian cat.

We with pleasure will tell to you about our animals, we will answer all your questions, we help in brought up a kitten and we will be glad, if you want to join us, and to carry out one's the desire: to have the intellectual, beautiful, clever and graceful companion - an Abyssinian cat.

MagicShine in English – Magic Shine.
Magic Shine of the Abyssinian is "charm" and by you couldn't take his eyes from such beautiful "game" of color.

Choose the «Magic Shine» – Abyssinian cat! Become the happy owner of this surprising creation and your life becomes full of the unforgettable moments! To you will never be sad and be bored, the Abyssinian of it won't allow you!


Cattery Magic Shine is engaged in professional breed of Abyssinian cats of color ruddy and red.

In one's own the breeder activity, I prefer thoroughbred and thoroughbred Abyssinian cats of modern type.

The purpose of a cattery - reception of healthy animals with fine temperament, completely corresponding to the standard of the Abyssinian breed, having modern type and "special thrill". We will constantly develop, to keep up to date, to make a selection of the best representatives of breed, keep the best signs of breed from generation to generation, and to conduct qualitative breeding work.

The cattery in 2009 is registered in CFA that is a guarantee of purity breed lines.

We wish your of good luck in all!
Cattery Magic Shine.

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